Unless otherwise noted, these items would need to be picked up from the farm during your stay or by appointment. Feel free to contact us for more information or to place an order. 




Indian Runner Ducks

These are extremely amusing ducks that don't need a pond, but run around like clowns on the ground, and enjoy a baby pool of water.  Lots of personality.  And they do well as a group--the more the better.  Prolific egg layers.  happy happy happy  





Red Bourbon Turkeys

These heritage breed turkeys are great layers and mild-mannered and make an excellent addition to your barnyard or holiday feast.   They are happy, healthy turkeys that will be great for raising, eating, or just adding to the farm menagerie.    Taking preorders now for spring:  newly hatched turkey poults are $12 pc., and a dozen hatching eggs sell for $35.





Guinea Fowl

These amusing birds are great for bug control and consider ticks a delicacy. They also make great "watch dogs" for your flock of chickens. Guinea fowl will alert the flock when a hawk flies over, for example, or when a predator comes near, or even when guests arrive at the house.  A guinea hen’s eggs are prized for their richness and depth of flavor and are used by top pastry chefs for baking cakes and other dessert dishes.  Some people eat guineas and tell me the meat is somewhere between chicken and turkey, but we find them too valuable to eat.   Our flock is nearly all pearl with a little white mixed in to give us some pied birds.  Taking preorders now for spring’s keets @ $5 pc. and hatching eggs @ $14 pc.


Rainbow Trout

 We offer fresh trout from the farm pond at $6 per pound (a 13” fish weighs about a pound and is ample to feed a hungry adult).








Serama Banty Chickens

World’s smallest breed of chicken, the Serama banties have an amazing amount of pluck.  They are so cute!  They make a great barnyard chicken as they lay regularly (darling little eggs!), and they brood and make great mothers. Six Roosters for sale:  call or email for pricing.   Now taking preorders for spring: Serama chicks @ $5 pc., and hatching eggs $10 per dozen.







            We have an abundance of well-seasoned assorted hardwoods ready to burn immediately. Pick up any quantity, large or small, at the right price.  Our split and stacked wood was cut to 18"-20", but we'll be glad to take custom orders for the perfect length or mix.  $100 per half cord (heaping pick-up load), $25 for small jag for campfire, or fireplace.  $80 for 1/2 cord split poplar--perfect to burn on those not so extremely cold days.  Got a fire pit? Pick up a load of 24" cull wood for $25.  Bulky less-seasoned wood for water stove also available.  We'll saw rounds for you to split at home for $55 per pick-up load.  Anything goes.  Easy access.



BBQ Smoking Chips

Appalachian Apple and Wild Cherry $7 per box.  This item can be shipped upon request.