Years ago, back in the 1940s, brothers Roby and Noah Greer started a farm.

Together the two brothers owned nearly the whole valley. The Old Farmhouse belonged to Betty’s great uncle Roby, while Noah built the Pioneer House just a little bit further up the hollow.  They made a living raising sheep and cattle, running a saw mill, trapping, bee keeping, wild crafting, and doing whatever else they could to live off their land, as was typical on Appalachian family farms.

The farm left the family and changed hands a number of times. Though it was divided up over the years, the heart of the farm was still preserved and available when Betty and Walton came home to the mountains in search of the perfect place to settle down, pasture their horses, and raise their children. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to bring the place back into the family and continue on a tradition and lifestyle that Betty’s family has known for many generations.