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AnotheR's Scarlet LADY

Lady is a sorrel Tennessee Walker. She's also the mom to little Midnight, our newest addition to the farm family. Tennessee Walkers are known for their particular rocking gait. 





Lady's Midnight MASTERPIECE

Midnight, (nicknamed  Notchka which means "Little  Night" in Russian), was born in June 2015 to Lady. She's the youngest herd member and brings a lot of excitement and fun to the farm.  Although she is WAY too big to wear this cute little bow anymore, she is still beautiful!  Walton can't wait to start riding her in a year or two.







Dakota is a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse. He is a spotted (pinto) Palomino. He is the friendliest horse ever who will lick you like a dog when he is comfortable with you.

El Principito

Pito is a fiesty bay Paso Fino. What he lacks in size,he makes up for in personality (his name fittingly translates to "The Little Prince" in Spanish). Paso Finos are known for being small, tough, fast horses.








Snowbreak is a Rocky Mountain Spotted Saddle Horse and a true princess. She used to be a show horse, and so has wonderful manners and beautiful disposition. 







Flapjack is a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse that came to us along with Snowbreak. This breed, like Tennessee Walkers, have an easy, smooth gait instead of the bouncier trot. 




Scar is buckskin Quarter Horse who used to herd dairy cows. He lived with Ponto in Florida, and they remained good buds for many many years. 




Pal got his name from his coloring (he was a Palomino Quarter Horse). He was Betty's father's horse, which made him extra special. 


PONTO (1991-2016)

Ponto was a paint Quarter Horse who used to live in Florida before he came to the farm. He was a rodeo horse who picked up riders who had been thrown off the bulls. He spent the last few years of his life here on the farm in retirement getting hugs and carrots from our guests. We will always remember him.  Read more about Ponto and his life here and here.