We welcome small helpers (and big ones too!) at feeding time. Come strew corn for our colorful flock of chickens, peacocks, ducks, turkeys, pigeons, and guinea fowl and learn about the pecking order of barnyard politics. Give the rabbits clover and hunt for eggs in the hayloft. Watch the horses munch on their grain. Feeding time is a favorite among guests of all ages! 


The Herd

Our forelocked friends are a farm favorite. Watch them graze peacefully or ask us about a guided trail ride through the farm! Click through to find out more about each horse. 



Canine Staff

Heidi and Turk run a tight ship! Click the photo to learn more about our favorite farm helpers.



The Flock

Birds of a feather stick together -- but our multiple breeds share the barnyard happily! Click on the photo to check out more pictures of our fowl.


Lucy and Josephine

Lucy and little Josephine are the friendliest pot-bellied pigs you'll ever meet.  Lucy is old and gentle while Josephine is full of energy and personality.  Click on the photo and here  to learn more




These fluffy little guys are cute as can be. Sometimes we even have baby bunnies on the farm, especially if you come in the Spring! 




Solomon is our resident donkey. He is like a big, soft dog and loves to bray loudly when he hears a car coming up the driveway.